Anonymous asked: What do you think about Michigan's ruling with Affirmative Action?

is there a new ruling?

the only one i know of is the ban on affirmative action. 

it’s bullshit.

Anonymous asked: I really want to hear the sound of your voice...

there are a couple videos of me up on Youth Voice’s facebook page

#80Miles4EDU Walk With ME - Michigan Education, walk from Detroit to Lansing, organized by Youth Voice Detroit!

I walked/ran a total of 50 miles in 2 days. a life changing experience.

we need to believe in youth. they truly have the power to change the world and we need to stop restricting and hindering their creativity and energy.

This restriction leads to the school to prison pipeline by suspensions of Black/Brown youth, lower income youth, and youth with disabilities.

"I see greatness in you!"

"If your goal can be achieved by yourself, your goal is not big enough."

The Gladiators! Detroit to Lansing! #80Miles4EDU with Youth Voice! walking all night long!

#80Miles4EDU walk against the school to prison pipeline and zero tolerance policies in schools!

Youth Voice has organized a walk from Detroit to Lansing!

did 11 Miles today.

will do 20 + miles tomorrow, 5 miles with the Neutral Zone and through the night with the Gladiator group!!

“There is no greater serenity of mind than when one can shut out the hectic noise & pace of the materialistic outside world, & seek inner peace within one’s self.”

Malcolm X

me & Blue.

i am going to be a godfather.. <3

The cover of the Detroit Free Press, yesterday.

A walk organized by Youth Voice from Detroit to Lansing to combat zero-tolerance policies in schools and the school to prison pipeline!

I have had the honor of organizing with Kayla Mason on this project and will be taking a group from the Neutral Zone to be a part of the walk.

Time & Capitalism

Where does urgency come from?

Why do we stress about lateness or earliness and where do these concepts come from?

I have been grappling with the effects capitalism has on our concepts of time. We are always hurrying, urgent to complete something, produce something, and we even guilt ourselves into believing there is something wrong with ourselves if we do not produce on a regular basis.

Through this process of constant production, we tend to cut corners, to produce quicker and more “efficiently.” This is where power comes into play. Who controls these means of production and who holds the power to make these decisions to cut these corners, and who are the actual human manifestations of cut corners. 

We must fight the notion that is fed to us every day: profits over people. We must actively fight to take time to reflect. We must act with our possible impacts in mind and in heart.

Consideration, reflection, rest, introspection are all revolutionary. They deviate from this drive to continually produce at the people’s expense.

We must ground and create ourselves within the foundations of revolution..

Going On (Live)
Gnarls Barkley - Live

"to me, love is…"

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Class and Attraction: why you are out of my “league”

For a very long time, i have thought about the reasons it bothered me when i heard people say they are attracted to men in tailored suits. Personally, i cringe when i hear/see it, yet i feel a longing and a sense of disappointment when i cannot meet this item on people’s checklist. i have never owned a tailored suit. i have owned one suit in my life and hate dressing up because of the lackluster final result. 

it makes me think about how we construct attraction around class status, while “dressing down” seems to be a way at humility, rather than a mockery of the financial limitations with which i live every day. 

what is attractive about a tailored suit? Does it have anything to do with the conditioning that comes along with the impacts of what that suit may mean or bring? the socialization surrounding men being providers, and what are the implications of perpetuating this..

It also begs the critique of how race plays into the implications of wearing a suit, so i also need to process how this plays into this conversation.

This is just coming from the cat that can’t afford your tailored suits..

the moon has my attention..

books i just ordered:

The Black Panther: Intercommunal News Service 1967-1980 | David Hilliard

We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party | Mumia Abu-Jamal

Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton Bobby Seale

friendship & sexuality

this past week, i have been thinking about the barriers our society views between friendship and sexuality/intimacy. as if these concepts are mutually exclusive. this plays out in many different ways:

  • The concept of the “friend zone”
  • not explicating feelings because it might “ruin the friendship’
  • difficulty being friends after breaking up as an intimate partnership (this one might be a bit more complicated than my point here)

it makes me think about the possible consequences this is having on intimate/sexual relationships. If friendships are to be void of sexuality and sensual intimacy, does this have consequences the other way around? are sexual and intimate relationships inherently void of friendship in how they play out?

Are there barriers within sexual/intimate relationships that prevent these people from cultivating true friendship because we have been socialized and conditioned to believe that our examples and definitions of friendship do not include sexuality/intimacy?

If so, what are the differences between friendship within an intimate/sexual relationship and friendship that is void of this sexuality/intimacy?