Anonymous asked: Are you in love?

hell no.

Anonymous asked: do you ever have days where you don't feel the most confident in do you deal with it?

yes. i reflect on why. and practice some positive intention setting and -self-validation and try to move through it.

Anonymous asked: have you ever had a case of unrequited love?

yes. quite painful.

Anonymous asked: when did you ever realized that you had "privilege" over people of color?


Anonymous asked: when was the last time you said i love you?


Anonymous asked: you dont seem like an angry person. what would someone have to do to take you out of your character?

Anonymous asked: have you ever lusted after someone who you knew was in a relationship

many many times. don’t act on it though. i did that in high school, and that wasn’t very respectful of me.

Anonymous asked: do you find yourself being stereotyped as the "oppressive white man"

i wouldn’t used the word stereotyped, but i am viewed like that, and rightfully so. 

using the words “oppressive” and “white man” together is redundant.

Anonymous asked: something non-sexual that is a turn on?




intellectually blowing my mind.

Anonymous asked: does it bring you any discomfort when some people of the same sex sexualize you especially when you post your semi-nude photo's?

nope, no discomfort. mostly flattery.

Anonymous asked: i want to be smart like you when i grow up :)

i appreciate the sentiments

but i don’t know shit..


“…when you’re looking at live footage of a city in your country where people are being ASSAULTED by the police - side with the people.

(Source:, via latenitelevision)

on my knees

at her altar..

Anonymous asked: i just wanna roll around with you in bed, giggle, and play silly games. i wanna hear you laugh ;)