Harold Washington

first Black mayor of Chicago. [1983-1987]

"Rather than presiding over and controlling each reform initiative, Washington offered support to the parties with a major stake in the issue and worked to help move their agenda, once collectivized, through government."

he “prioritized the causes of people of color and people with low incomes. Generally, [he] adopted an open and consultative governance style in which community participation was highlighted as critical for good government. The Washington administration approached community development within a context reflecting balance between downtown and the neighborhoods and as a way to encourage a sort of political fair play between its core constituency and other forces in the city.” 

"Washington adopted a platform of access and opportunity for the disenfranchised in the city, especially for [people of color] and the city’s low-income residents." 

He “provided perhaps the deepest model of partnership between City Hall and community development in the country. “

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